Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clawing to the surface….

For the better part of a year now, I’ve been contemplating starting this blog.  Obstacles always seemed to be blocking me.  First there was the lid of my coffin.  Once I clawed my way through that (fortunately my family economized and went for corrugated cardboard), there was the six feet of dirt, and all the damn rocks.  Oh, and the self-doubts.

The plethora of horror blogs – many of them very polished and professional-looking – already bleeding all over cyberspace, often made me wonder what I could offer that wasn’t already available several times over.  And these other bloggers are often so … encyclopedic in their horror knowledge, and I’m just some ghoul who likes scary things.

And then I thought (okay, after a lot of encouragement from my still-living wife, and a really good friend), who the hell cares?  I’m not an expert, an insider, or a horror historian, but I am, well, some ghoul who loves scary things.  Besides watching them, reading them, listening to them and playing them, I also really enjoy talking about them with other creatures who share the love.

And that’s what I plan to do here.  There will be reviews of movies (once and a while maybe even a fairly new one), of books, of comics, of music, of games.  There will also be general thoughts and ponderings – whatever drips out of my rotting brain – about our favorite genre.  There may even be guest appearances by family members and friends (or dismembers and fiends; I’m never sure about that).  As long as there’s something monstrous or macabre about it, I’m on it like … well, like an undead ghoul on a paramedic.

So I’ve reached ground level, and the Counselor of the Dead's office is open – for Horror Business.  Come on in, and I’ll guide you to some cool stuff (read, stuff I like) that you might otherwise overlook.  I welcome constructive comments and encouraging words (and if all you have is destructive and / or discouraging, I promise to take that as much more about your sad life than anything to do with me).

Stay tombed….

This entry is dedicated to my dear friend Kristy Jett, who told me quit making excuses and start the damn blog already.